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Sturgis Biker Rally Is Awesome When Done Right

Bikers line the streets of down town Sturgis

 For any biker who likes to ride a Harley, or any other motorcycle for that matter, attending different biker rallies are a genuine treat. They supply a lot of fun and an opportunity to enjoy showing off your motorcycle as well as a chance to make friends with other bikers.

The motorcycle rally at Sturgis is an annual biker event held in Sturgis South Dakota. Sturgis is a once in a lifetime motorcycle event started that started 1938 and draws a bigger crowed and gets more popular every year. The main attraction in the early days at Sturgis was a dramatic adrenaline pumping motorcycle race that brought in some of the top motorcycle riders from that era. Although later in 1944 as a result of world war two the races stopped for lack of gasoline.

Sturgis Bike Week Map
Where ever you are, all roads lead to Sturgis

If you planed to ride to Sturgis, remember that motorcycle laws differ from state to state. In South Dakota on your way to Sturgis or riding across the States, I recommend getting to know and obeying these laws. You’ll find that in most states during motorcycle season, cops are on the lookout and they strictly enforce the law of their state. Just think how upset your day would be if your bike got towed, not to mention the serious fine you might get or time behind bars if you get caught breaking these laws.

Remember before you start your trip to know what the laws are for what ever state you will be riding through. Laws like a motorcycle must have one headlight and tail light that are in working condition, will pretty much be the same through your whole journey. Some questions you might want to find out about are things like; can your handle bars be higher than your shoulders? Does that state have a helmet laws, is it mandatory for anyone under 18 or for anyone rider or passenger under 18 years of age to wear a helmet? Even though some stated allow a rider to ride with out a helmet, I strongly encouraged anyone riding on a motorcycle especially on the Highway to wear one.

Another thing that is mandatory by law in every state is eye protection.  Every person that rides a motorcycle has to have something to protect their eyes form bugs, rocks and other flying debris. Yes even passengers. Eye protection in most states can be just a pair of sunglasses, however anything after dusk can not be tented.

Another thing that could get you busted is loud pipes. Some states have noise ordinances and during Sturgis bike week you can bet they will be enforced. It is true “load pips save lives” but in some states load pipes will get you a ticket. So make sure your bike has legal pipes on it before you hit the road.

Probably the most important thing to have if you’re thinking about riding to Sturgis is a valid motorcycle endorsement. If you don’t have a motorcycle license or endorsement, don’t risk it. If you’re caught your bike will be impounded, you will pay a hefty fine and in some states you will go to jail.

Cops at Sturgis motorcycle rallyWhen you finally roll into Sturgis bike week you are expectant to have the time of you life, but remember, the police are on the lookout and the law is strictly enforced. The reason this is because of the enormous number of bikers that attend each year. Here are a few of the things to be mind full of while you’re out mingling on the streets.

Public intoxication is prohibited and you will be jailed and pay a hefty fine. Here are some other jail and finable offences to be aware of, disorderly conduct; fighting, careless driving and indecent exposure just to name a few. This is important; the Sturgis Police Department is serious and will not tolerate drugs. It doesn’t matter what kind of drug or amount of drugs you have, if caught, you get busted and you will be prosecuted.

Bikers line the streets of down town SturgisIt is not all gloom and doom with the po-po though. If you coming correct and you’re doing the right thing, you will have a great time. From the first time you see the “Welcome Riders” sigh as you pull onto Main Street you’ll notice all the cool vender booths and watering holes to wet your whistle in. But when the sun goes down the fun rises,  like great the great music happening every night at the Broken Spoke Saloon or the Buffalo Chip just to name a few. In Sturgis there is always plenty biker fun, food and motorcycle babes’ to help you enjoy yourself entire time.

Going to motorcycle rallies is one of those things that make being a biker. The Sturgis Bike Rally has to be the number one dream of anyone that has ever set out on two wheels. As the time gets closer and the dream becomes a reality remember there are thousands of other bikers just like you that will be attending Sturgis this year. It doesn’t matter if you decide to bring along a tent and stay in it, or if you prefer the comfort of a hotel. Make plans early and remember to schedule you’re your room or camp site.

There are on average 500,000 bikers that roll their way to Sturgis every year to gain bragging right and to enjoy all the excitement that is Sturgis. To most bikers, Sturgis is the number one biker event of the season.  For so many bikers Sturgis has become their number one rally of the season. Whole families, fathers, sons, wife’s and daughters, even grand fathers and grand mothers have all traveled together to make Sturgis a celebration. Seven days of hanging around other bikers. Also, there is the adventure of the ride. This is what being a biker at Sturgis all about.