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Laconia Bike Week A Real Treat

Laconia Bike Week

Bike Week 139 300x225 Edit PostLaconia bike week was a real treat the year we got to go. As it turned out we were in Gorham Maine at the time and a friend invited us to take a day trip over to New Hampshire for the annual Laconia bike week. Although we had ridden the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire several times we had never made it to Laconia bike week. It was cool and early, about 8:00am in the morning as we headed out. The ride over only took a little under two hours and was absolutely beautiful. I would recommend, if you plan on going to Laconia, that you arrive early in the morning, late afternoon or evening, because once get close you will run into stop and go traffic for several miles, so the cooler it is out, the less chance of your bike over heating.Bike Week 102 300x225 Edit Post We left out of Gorham Maine and headed out route 25 all the way to Meredith NH. Then we turned south onto route 3, known as the Daniel Webster Hwy. We pulled in at Meredith Harley Davidson at about 10:00 that morning. The heat was already starting to swell; it was about 90 degrees out. That was fine though because we were dressed for the sun, and after all this was Laconia bike week. Bike Week 113 300x225 Edit PostThere was a lot happening at the Meredith Harley Dealership. They had booths and venders set up all over the parking lot. Orange County Chopper was in full swing and had several of their custom motorcycles on display. There was S&S motorcycle engines, Kuryakyn motorcycle parts and Copenhagen tobacco products; they were giving away a sweet Voodoo Chopper custom. There were several different food venders there as well. It was just about lunch time by the time we had visited all of the different biker venders so we decided to get our feed on. We all decided on having pulled pork sandwiches at the Cactus Jacks Restraint booth. Mmmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmmmm. They were tasty!Bike Week 118 300x225 Edit Post After we had over filled our bellies, we decided to brave the traffic and head down to the center of all the action, Weirs Beach. Surprisingly enough, it didn’t take us as long as I had anticipated getting there. In no time at all we were pulling on to Lakeside Ave. What a wonderful site it is when you turn a corner and see thousands of people mingling, and row after row of motorcycles, all there for the same exciting experience. It was absolutely Awesome. Bike Week 127 300x225 Edit PostThe Lakeside Ave. was full to the brim with motorcycles, so once we did the traditional ride through, we had to find park in a lot. That was ok, we didn’t have a hard time at all finding a place to park, although it cost us $2:00 per bike. We only had to park a short distance away from the entrance onto Lakeside Ave. I think it is just awesome ever time I ride into a bike week bikers rally event and see the bike week banner hanging over the street. It’s kind of like someone is throwing a welcome home party just for me feeling. As we made our way up the main strip there was so much to take in. Event tents lined the street hosting every kind of custom motorcycle seats and leather motorcycle apparel. There were motorcycles and custom bikes of every size makes and models, each bike with its unique paint, look and style. I have to say, that is what biker heaven must be like.Bike Week 131 300x225 Edit Post Bike Week 142 300x225 Edit PostIt was one of those once in a lifetime days, the kind that you never want to end. But alas it was getting late and was time to head back to our bikes and head out of town back to Maine. Sadly we pulled out of Laconia heading up Route 25 back toward home. With the memories of the days events reeling in our thoughts we could only hope that we could return next year. I have never been back to Laconia bike week, but I have had the chance to visit other bike weeks in other States. I must say, each one has been its own wonderful and unique adventure. Hope to see you out on the Road… Ride Safe.