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Bike Week And the Unexpected Adventure.

Daytona Bike Week
Getting ready to head over to Daytona Bike Week
Gearing up to head out to Daytona Bike Week.

It looks like the first big biker event of the season is here. I am talking about Daytona Biker week. That’s right on March 6th thousands of motorcycle riders will be rumbling into the streets of Daytona Florida from all over the United States. This brings back so many memories.

I remember a few years ago I was fortunate enough to be working over in Tampa Florida during bike week. Because we were so close, my wife and I decided to take the day and ride over to Daytona.

We got up early in the morning and set out across I-4 just the two of us. We decided to stop along the way for breakfast. As we were leaving the restaurant, there were a couple of other local riders heading out as well. So the four of us decided to hook up and ride together back onto I-4 over to bike week.

A few miles down the highway, just as we passed the first of many on ramps, a column of ten or so motorcycles were entering the highway. They pulled up right behind us into the two up staggered formation as we continued down the highway. Cool! We were now a group of about fourteen riders all heading for the Florida Rally of rallies.

It was nice, feeling part of something so spontaneous, but yet having a sense of commonness and organization. So, continuing toward our destination, we past another on ramp and a few more riders fell in behind the group.

As the miles went by we got closer to the city of Daytona, we passed several more overpasses and with each overpass we’d passed, more and more bikers would fall in behind, causing the columns of bikes to grow bigger and bigger.

What started out as two lone riders on an early morning journey, had grown into a group of seventy or eighty bikers, all with the same destination in mind. This all happened with in the first 60 miles. The closer we got to Daytona the group grew larger and larger.

Bikers heading to Daytona Bike Week on I-4
Bikers on I-4 heading to Daytona Bike Week

By the time we had reached the city limits of Daytona Beach there were no less the two hundred bikers that had joined us. It was quite a sight to behold, looking in the mirror seeing bike after bike and row after row of men, women and couples, all on motorcycles, forming one long rank of like minded individuals, on a quest for the excitement that is Bike Week.

One of the biggest thrills of all for me was the awe and enjoyment my wife got by being a part of the ride. I have been riding for a lot of years, but my wife has only been riding a short while. As a matter of fact this was the first time she had ever ridden to a bike event by her self. The way it all played out, having all of the unexpected riders fall into one large group was just priceless. It showed her what being a biker is really all about.

I feel, out of every thing that we did at Daytona that day, the ride over was the most awesome. It also put into perspective that riding a motorcycle is not just a pastime or a sport, it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle, that may not be suited for everyone, but one that has the power to bring perfect strangers together and unite them to one common goal. Ride on Brothers and Sisters!