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Sturgis Biker Rally Is Awesome When Done Right

Bikers line the streets of down town Sturgis

 For any biker who likes to ride a Harley, or any other motorcycle for that matter, attending different biker rallies are a genuine treat. They supply a lot of fun and an opportunity to enjoy showing off your motorcycle as well as a chance to make friends with other bikers.

The motorcycle rally at Sturgis is an annual biker event held in Sturgis South Dakota. Sturgis is a once in a lifetime motorcycle event started that started 1938 and draws a bigger crowed and gets more popular every year. The main attraction in the early days at Sturgis was a dramatic adrenaline pumping motorcycle race that brought in some of the top motorcycle riders from that era. Although later in 1944 as a result of world war two the races stopped for lack of gasoline. Continue reading Sturgis Biker Rally Is Awesome When Done Right

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Laconia Bike Week A Real Treat

Laconia Bike Week

Bike Week 139 300x225 Edit PostLaconia bike week was a real treat the year we got to go. As it turned out we were in Gorham Maine at the time and a friend invited us to take a day trip over to New Hampshire for the annual Laconia bike week. Although we had ridden the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire several times we had never made it to Laconia bike week. It was cool and early, about 8:00am in the morning as we headed out. The ride over only took a little under two hours and was absolutely beautiful. Continue reading Laconia Bike Week A Real Treat

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Bike Week And the Unexpected Adventure.

Daytona Bike Week
Getting ready to head over to Daytona Bike Week
Gearing up to head out to Daytona Bike Week.

It looks like the first big biker event of the season is here. I am talking about Daytona Biker week. That’s right on March 6th thousands of motorcycle riders will be rumbling into the streets of Daytona Florida from all over the United States. This brings back so many memories.

I remember a few years ago I was fortunate enough to be working over in Tampa Florida during bike week. Because we were so close, my wife and I decided to take the day and ride over to Daytona.

We got up early in the morning and set out across I-4 just the two of us. We decided to stop along the way for breakfast. As we were leaving the restaurant, there were a couple of other local riders heading out as well. So the four of us decided to hook up and ride together back onto I-4 over to bike week. Continue reading Bike Week And the Unexpected Adventure.