The correct motorcycle apparel is important for safety. As the saying goes, “dress for the slide not the ride.” The right riding gear says a lot about you as well. We all want to look cool while out on our bikes. Safety and style is what we all need whether we are heading down to Bike Week or just cruising with a brother or sister.

We have connected with several motorcycle gear and apparel vendors to provide you with a wide verity of boots, gloves, jackets, and chap’s for men and women. After choosing you’re desired product, you will then be re-directed to our our associate’s website to complete your transaction.

There are thousands of poor and not so fortunate bikers that can’t make it to Bike Week this year. You can help. Share your memories.

Bike Week is one of the most Awesome times I have ever had. I have been to several and each time I go I always come away with some very unforgettable memories. The ride, and the people the events are all just so much fun that they are etched upon my mind. I feel that I am not alone. Just like me there are a lot of other bikers that have many fond, no… Great memories of their experience at bike week.
When I say Bike week I don’t mean one single event in particular. There are many Bike Weeks across our Nation and each has their own appeal, fun and fantasy.

With so many people attending Bike Week each year I’ll just bet that there are a few of you that would love to share your great, and maybe not so great memories of Bike Week.

Please share your memories of Bike Week with us and the world. I am sure just like me there are a lot of bikers that would really like to experience the memory that is bike week.